Unemployment Among Biggest Risks For SA

The Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) has identified structurally high unemployment, growing income disparity and inequality, failure of governance in the public sector, fraud and corruption among some of the biggest risks for the country in 2019.

The IRMSA’s latest risk report is the outcome of surveys carried out with some 1 028 contributors from a variety of business and risk related roles.

In addition to being an informative and instructive reference to the nation’s top risks at both country and industry level, the report is also “an invitation to business, government, the public and risk professionals to work together to solve these challenges and build a better society for the future,” IRMSA chief risk advisor Christopher Palm said.

Other national risks include inadequate or substandard education and skills development, energy price shocks, labour unrest and strike action, national policy uncertainty and cyber attacks.

The report also contains commentary and guidance from some 85 experts who not only gauge the risks individually but also offer practical treatments at each level. – ANA