Skolopad Rocks The Boat Yet Again

Socialite Skolopad has once again made headlines, and for all the wrong reason.

This time around, the controversial entertainer escalated matters as she shared on her timeline a video which sparked strong reactions from her fans and critics alike.

Never been shy to push the envelope, Skolopad had jaws dropping once again only to be called out, even by her own fans. The socialite who is also a gospel singer had tongues wagging when she shared a video of herself in nothing but her bra and panties and a fur coat, driving at high-speed and touching herself provocatively – it was as crude as it sounds!

Perhaps she was provoked by all of the “Where is Skolopad?” tweets that emerged following her absence at the last week’s Durban July, an event she usually doesn’t miss as she normally goes toe to toe with her partner in crime, Zodwa Wabantu.

The video seemed to send a strong message that  Skolopad was no hit and drew some strong comments from some of her fans who made in no uncertain terms that she was way off the mark and demanded that she deletes it, urging her to protect the brand she has managed to build so far.

Nobody approved of the adult-themed content she was sharing, and her carelessness behind the wheel was particularly frowned upon – especially because she was involved in a car accident back in 2018.

Although the video has now been taken down, Skolopad still wanted her fans to know that she was having fun. She also shared a pair of images which were accompanied by the videos. Fans didn’t have to say about the images as they were not of bad taste as compared to the video.

Many felt the socialite was trying too hard to stay relevant and make an impact and they wasted no time in condemning her risque and indeed risky behaviour.

Despite taking down the original video, Skolopad does not seem to have been fazed by the criticism and has gone on with her regularly scheduled programming on social media.

She has even announced an exclusive red-carpet show for any fans who want to get to know her on a more personal level. The poster can be viewed on her Twitter.

Called for comment, Skolopad said, “If only you could call me to do positive stories about me as you do with negative once.” 

However, she said she has since taken the video down and would not want to be drawn into something in the past.

“I know you follow me on Twitter and you are very much aware that the video is no longer there so excuse me if am not interested to talk about something that is not there my brother,” she noted.

Asked whether she applied much thought to the stunt, she said: “I already responded to you so can we please let it be?”

With the Red Carpet event gaining momentum, it remains to be seen whether more controversial videos will emerge for the session or even in appreciate pictures all in the name of relevance.

By: Thapelo Molebatsi