Neyi Family Defends Taking Him To Bara

The family of gospel musician and pastor Neyi Zimu have hit back at criticism around his admission to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, telling fans the star was taken to the facility for the quality of its treatment, not because they had no money.

Neyi was recently taken to the hospital for treatment of a rare blood disorder that affects his skin.

In a statement shared on social media, Neyi’s wife, Nelizisiwe, said the singer was currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for mycosis fungiodes at the Zakithi Nkosi Haematology Centre for Excellence at the hospital.

Since news of his hospitalisation broke last week, fans have questioned why he was taken to a government hospital for treatment.

Nelizisiwe slammed any suggestions that it was because the family was broke.

“The choice of placing him at Chris Hani Bara was based on the expertise of medical care and treatment he would receive there. It was not because of the insufficiency of funds,” she explained.

She said South Africans should not be ashamed of the public health system.

“It is important for us as a nation to value and respect the expertise that our public health facilities offer. We will not leverage the potential of our own public health services if we attach shame and unfounded criticism to them,” she noted.

South Africans have been united in prayer for Neyi since news of his condition was made public.

The star was set to perform in Polokwane recently but was too ill to make it. His brother, Silas, told fans that Neyi was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer.

A prayer of healing was also offered for Neyi. -Timeslive