New single decries long distance relationships

In the wake of his debut single ‘Mama’ that talks about blood always being thicker than water, Shaun Cross has just released his second single ‘Heartless’, featuring talented Rhandzu.

In ‘Heartless’, Cross tells a story in detail on how his girlfriend of three years left him in a long distance relationship.

He expresses his longing desire to get her back and restore things to as they were although the feeling was not mutual. His efforts to make her understand fell short when she told him she moved on.

Cross describes long distance as being heartless because he would like to believe that if it was not for the long distance relationship maybe they would still be together.

The song is a masterpiece of creativity and takes one through an emotional roller coaster ride. Rhandzu takes fans on a trip down memory lane with her sensational chorus.

The heart-rending single will relate to people who have suffered the cruelty of long distance relationships. If you have been through a divorce or break-up, ‘Heartless’ was certainly made for you.

The artist’s two singles – ‘Heartless’ and ‘Mama’ – are available for purchase and streaming on all major music digital platforms. They are both from his upcoming EP ‘Heartless’ that is set for release next month.

The offering is highly anticipated by a lot of people because of Cross’ authenticity and the fact that fans never know what to expect from the eminent storytelling rapper.

By: Staff Reporter