Model donates food parcels to the needy

Miss South Africa Plus-World Free State finalist, Kelebohile Mammeti Matsekane, 22, is already hard at work fulfilling her socio-quota.

Out of 50 participants, Matsekane emerged position three on the top five list and is now eyeing for the coveted crown that will be given out in November this year.

Last Sunday the drop-dead gorgeous plus-size model distributed about 50 fruits and vegetable packets to needy people in the community of Tweespruit at Boroa and Dawiesville townships.

“This is one of many community outreach programmes that I am going to run. When we were in Boroa and Dawiesville my team and I ensured that social distancing was observed at all times. We want to flatten the infection curve,” said Matsekane.

In a statement, the 22- year-old plus-size model said she was grateful to everyone who voted for her, as well as her supportive parent,  including the Donors and Jacobs’s family.

“Donors and Jacobs Family is prepared to assist me to reach out to the needy. I am prepared to work with anyone who shares my dreams and goals. On this project I worked closely with Boroa Clinic who assisted me to identify the needy individuals,” she noted.

The gleeful model is already dreaming big as she is on the verge of establishing her foundation that will help young people to deal with their self-esteem.

She recently called on the Mayor of Mantsopa Local Municipality, Mamsie Tsoene’s office for a brief discussion on future collaborative endeavours.

The mayor is delighted that she’s not only representing herself but also the whole of the Free State by putting it on the map and wished her the best of luck going forward in the competition.

Matsekane recently completed initiation practise as a traditional healer and she is planning to juggle this responsibility with her academic life and modelling.

By: Neo Ntsele