Masebe Shares Horror Of Being Shot

When veteran actress Florence Masebe recounted how she had been shot at more than 40 times and left for dead, it sparked a flurry of fans sharing their stories of survival and victory. 

Mme Flo has been encouraging others to speak about overcoming hardships in life through the “#DearChild… Name your victories” trend and took to social media recently where she once again opened up about her own story of victory and survival.

“One day I’ll talk about what it really took to get up and live after people who to this day were never caught shot at me more than 40 times and left me to die. That was 1999. The fear-gripped 27-year-old back then did well to fight. My victory. There. I named it,” she wrote.

According to reports at the time, Mme Flo, who was an actress on Generations at the time, was allegedly on a hit list which included Sello Maake ka Ncube. The actress underwent a series of operations to have the bullets removed from different parts of her body.

Her story drew a flood of messages from fans and friends, including actress Bonnie Mbuli, who praised her strength.

“I love you, I think of that often and have longed to know how deep you had to dig, such a courageous feat.”

Her post also inspired others to share their wins. -Timeslive