Mabalane Celebrates 17 Years Of Being Sober

According to the South African Central Drug Authority, 15% of South Africans have a drug addiction and Kabelo Mabalane is one of them.

The local celebrity has been very vocal about his battle with the disease and marked a milestone recently. 

Taking to his Twitter page on Sunday, the Kwaito musician celebrated 17 years of being sober from drug and alcohol abuse. 

In his post he said: “Today 17 years ago I embarked on a journey, and conceded that I can’t, God can, let God. I did it you can do it too. #GraceAbounds #onedayatatime #GodisGood,”.

In an interview on 702 radio last year, the TKZee star opened up about the lows of drug abuse while promoting his memoir, I Ran For My Life: My Story.

“It’s not about the music business. People do drugs and abuse drugs because they’re trying to deal with whatever issue. That happens across all industries,” he told the show’s host Eusebius McKaiser when asked whether fame was the cause of his addiction.

The father-of-two also explained how one of the reasons that pushed him to go into rehab, was him wanting to prove that he could still create good music without the influence of cocaine or ecstasy.

“About 60% of the music I made I was somewhere else. When I cleaned up and went to rehab in 2002, I wanted to prove to myself that I can create outside of addiction. And I did, my biggest selling solo album I did clean and sober,” he continued.

Today, Mabalane is an ambassador of the Gauteng City Region Social Movement Against Substance Abuse and was the host of  SABC 2’s drug tackling show, Kick It. -Drum