Lepele reaches out to the less privileged

Jazz artist Motsamai Lepele from Bloemfontein says he is using proceeds from his jazz album to help the less fortunate through his Motsamai Lepele Foundation.

As the world battling the covid-19 pandemic, Lepele has been hard at work reaching out to the less fortunate donating food and clothes, among other things.

His album “My, Your, Our Africa” is already playing internationally.

Lepele said he didn’t expect the album to be so well-received in other countries including Germany, China, USA, Russia Japan, Korea and Holland where it is reportedly getting generous airplay.

The artist gets money from the streaming of the songs as he has a license for it.  

Growing up and having experiences life challenges, Lepele made a promise and an oath to help those who are facing what he went through and his dream is now changing lives. 

He noted his organisation is a way of reaching out to the less fortunate as he loves being behind the scenes when helping people and as such he prefers to work with NGO’s and individuals.

Fusing music with reaching out to the less fortunate has worked like a charm, the talented artist pointed out, as he can introduce his jazz sound to people while also reaching out to them. 

By: Staff Reporter