Mgozi With Queen G

Khay Malebo

Yeeey! We saw it! We did! I am definitely speaking about Khay_Malebo’s birthday celebration. The champagne hun was popping it like nobody’s business! She definitely did not buy drinks at the bar. And I must say she looked like a flame! Her friends too, even Shantell was dragged out of the whole she has been in and I must say she looked good too. But I am just a bit confused as to why Tshego was not part of the celebration. Is there perhaps trouble in paradise?? I mean these three used to be the three musketeers and it was really surprising not to see her there. We saw even people we did expect, Palesa (Fiflet’s friend)!? I guess that has all taken Tshego’s place. She did have a big space, didn’t she?