Kaybee laments lack of appreciation

Award-winning DJ Prince Kaybee is not too stoked by the recognition he’s received from US publication Time for his song, Uwrongo, which features Shimza, Black Motion, and Ami Faku.

The renowned magazine featured Kaybee’s hit song on its coveted “10 Best Songs of 2020” list. Taking the ninth spot, Uwrongo cut the only African song.

Following its release, the song blew up in South Africa after Prince Kaybee and Shimza had a fall out two years ago.

Explaining why the song made the cut, music expert and critic Andrew Chow wrote: “The reconciliation of the brightest stars of South Africa’s flourishing house music gave birth to this low-burning triumph of exquisitely picked guitars and splashy cymbal work. Their immersive textures are a perfect backdrop for rising Afro-Soul singer Ami Faku, who sings of overcoming burdens through an ethereal undulating melody.”

While the news brought excitement to Kaybee’s fans, he took to Twitter and expressed how “nice” it was to get the nod from the magazine but wished the recognition had gone to someone else.

“Tired of these wins and don’t get celebrated enough,” he wrote, adding to the ‘shade’ in the South African music industry.

Kaybee noted while he was quite excited by the news, it was the lack of celebration on home soil that he bemoaned.

The artists has been pushing the narrative that he’s not celebrated by Mzansi but rather criticised or hated.

In October, the DJ took to Twitter and shared his thoughts on how one can never satisfy people who are always out to get you. He explained that it was usually that same group of people who will later claim to have supported him.

He said that kind of behaviour would get those people nowhere with him, especially if he knows that they may have been skeptical about his success.

“People say you are successful after you survived all their efforts trying to kill you. They then clap and call you boss or grootman out of shame. They are still not happy.”

By: Thapelo Molebatsi