JSE enters an agreement with CIIS

The JSE said on Monday it had entered into an agreement with China Investment Information Services Limited (CIIS) to provide select JSE market data access to local distributors in Mainland China.

This formed part of the JSE’s long-term focus to grow and deepen the local market by attracting new clients to trade and invest in South Africa it said.

CIIS is the wholly owned subsidiary of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and is appointed to distribute and market securities related information.

CIIS provides the licensing of market data and technical connection to Mainland China for overseas exchanges.

The China Investment Information Platform includes coverage for third party content from several global exchanges such as Deutsche Börse Group, Moscow Exchange Group and B3.

The agreement would enable the JSE to distribute real-time JSE market data to Mainland China through CIIS’s existing network of data distributors, the stock exchange said.

Mark Randall, a director of Information Services at the JSE, said, “This collaboration is an exciting first step in our Asian growth journey. Investors with an interest in South Africa will require reliable access to JSE market data as a precursor to any trading activity. With JSE market data now available, we can start to turn our attention to how we build interest in the JSE as a trading destination.”

Randall noted, “We believe that a diverse and broad client base will help deepen the liquidity and activity in the South Africa market. This move supports our plans to see trading activity that originates from a broader global base. We are excited to work with CIIS to launch JSE market data in Mainland China.”

The JSE would through CIIS, initially offer real-time data for JSE-listed equities and FTSE/JSE indices, with a plan to consider additional asset classes and data feeds over time.

The JSE market data would be distributed to Mainland China-headquartered data distributors.

These distributors will enter into a standard data agreement with the JSE and CIIS, entitling them to distribute the market data onward to subscribers.

CIIS and the JSE were currently finalising connectivity and enablement arrangements, with the aim to make the data available in the first half of 2021, the JSE said. -BusinessReport