I Do What Pleases Me, No One Else: Skolopad

I’ve stopped explaining myself to people and learnt to do whatever makes me happy, says controversial socialite and musician Skolopad.

This past week, Skolopad – real name Nonhlanhla Qwabe – rocked social media with her nudes and the reception was rather negative, not that it bothered her. The nudes which went up on all her social media platforms, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, got tongues wagging, with some referring to them as pornographic. 

However, Skolopad was not bothered by the term nor the trolls from people, saying, “I’ve grown to understand that you can’t do things to please other people.”

In this shoot, Skolopad put all on display, including scars sustained during a car accident.

“This was my shoot and I enjoyed every moment of it, which is why I was not selective of which photos I should put up and which not to. I put them all up for people to see,” she said in a telephonic interview with The Weekly

Asked how she felt about people regarding the move as being pornographic, she responded, “No such thing but then again, I cannot control people and how they think. I think it’s important that I must respect their views or opinion and not be dismissive simply because I don’t agree with it. At the same time, I do wish people particularly those who are forever criticising to afford me the same courtesy.”

Despite the trolls, the musician’s fans applauded her for bravery and having the guts to show it all, saying women needed to be more confident in their own skin despite how they look. 

Mpolokeng Ledisa wrote “Wow. How I wish I had your confidence, my sister. Looking good” 

Another fan, Oupas Sithole wrote, “I wish a lot of our sisters can have the confidence you have. Black women must embrace themselves more and stop subjecting themselves to looking like people on television and stuff. Big up to you my homegirl.” 

Speaking to the few positives, Skolopad – who has raised hell in the entertainment industry since her arrival – reiterated that though the shoot was for her and not others, she’s pleased with the few that have been able to read beyond nudity.

“It’s very few people who will be able to go beyond nudity and try and comprehend the message one will be trying to send to others at that point in time. And for the few that actually got the message, particularly black sisters, am content. We must at all times embrace ourselves including our imperfection at all times,” she noted.

The entertainer who’s taken a breather from the industry squashed the notion that part of the reason behind the shoot was a way to come back into the limelight.

“I would have to be stupid to think pictures will get me back. I promise you it’s not that all. I did what I did because I wanted to. I have no regrets about it. And truth be told, I could care much about attention. It’s something am not obsessed with, unlike some people.”

Skolopad was involved in a car crash that took a life and left her with injuries last year.  

She said that she needed to go in for a bone graft procedure because her leg wasn’t healing as the doctors had hoped.

By: Thapelo Molebatsi