CCIFSA To Embark On Provincial Visits

Ahead of next year’s policy conference in January, the the newly-elected national executive committee (NEC) of the Cultural and Creative Industries South Africa (CCIFSA) has resolved to host a provincial visit for inputs prior to the national meeting.

CCIFSA secretary-general Ayanda Roda said the decision forms part of the resolutions taken at the national conference in September this year.

Roda said the NEC decided to make provincial visits before the policy conference.

“These visits are motivated by the challenges we received since coming into office in September,” he said in a statement.

The soft-spoken secretary noted the complaints proved that there was a lot that still needed to be done in the arts industry.

While applauding slight improvements in the industry, Roda said the challenges would only be changed once people on the ground were given an ear

“We can never really truly change the industry until such time we’ve engaged people on the ground,” he pointed out.

Dates for the provincial tours would be released soon, along with the dates and venue for the policy conference.

While the new leadership is eager to stir the ship in the right direction, it continues to find itself in a serious battle with the previous NEC, “which is hell-bent on holding on the bank account despite being outvoted at the elective conference held in Pretoria”.

Roda conceded that the handover process from the outgoing NEC has been difficult, saying he hoped the matter would soon be resolved and peacefully.

“We hoping to solve matters in a civilised manner with the previous NEC,” he said, noting that the issue of the bank account of CCIFSA had been handed over to lawyers.

Roda would not divulge much on the matter, saying it was now with the lawyers. However, he hoped the case would be put to bed soon and afford the new leadership the opportunity to do their work without any hiccups.

“It’s important we put the matter to bed and ensure that we do our part as the elected leadership and leave a positive footprint for those coming after us to take the fight forward,” he added.

By: Thapelo Molebatsi