Busiswa gets ready to tell her story

This month BET Africa welcomed the queen of dance Busiswa Gqulu as she stars in her very own reality, “Her Majesty: Busiswa”.

This is the third local original celebrity reality series to launch on BET Africa.

Busiswa recently made history when she collaborated with Beyoncé on her critically acclaimed music project “Black Is King”.

The 13-part local series will serve as a visual companion to Busiswa’s musical journey – an ode to her lasting power, a celebration of her authenticity while capturing her journey in creating a visual album curated by Her Majesty.

Cameras will closely follow Busiswa as she opens her life to viewers across the continent.

Speaking on how she bagged her own show, Busiswa said, “I think the way 2020 was, everyone is looking for new content and BET Africa has found that reality shows are one of the ways viewers engage more and I was just honoured to be one of the people that they saw something worth putting on their screens.

“We felt that this was something that could work for both of us and be a nice gift to my fans who have supported me over the years,” she noted.

While the star was not immediately sold on the idea, 2020 helped seal the deal.

“I had a very tumultuous year last year and I started to share more of what was going on in my personal life on my own social media pages and I realised that telling your story gives you a certain level of power and a certain level of control over the things people believe about you and learning that made me more open to saying yes to doing this show,” she recalled.

“I did have apprehensions, for example when it comes to people I admire and follow, sometimes you don’t want to see them angry, sad or in a grumpy mood.

“If you associate the music you love to the artist, all you want to see is the good, you might not want to see the full scope of their personality because it might make you listen to the music differently so that made me apprehensive but the more you grow comfortable with yourself the more you are comfortable with showing yourself,” she added.

Busiswa said her family and friends are very excited to appear on the show.

Named Her Majesty after a line Busiswa sang in her first hit single “My Name Is”, the star said while there were other options, Her Majesty seemed like the natural fit.

“When I made that song I didn’t realise that it would become a prophecy over my life and what I have enjoyed how people approached me with that terms and I have appreciated that state of address and it was only natural that we name the show this.”

When asked if there was anything she was not comfortable to film, the star said that she kept an open mind.

“With it being the first season I kept an open mind and so I want to see it unfold with as much freedom as possible. For me, it’s just about not exposing people who don’t want to be on tv like my sister,” she said.

The star said she hopes that people just have fun watching her show. “I hope that people feel inspired, driven, empowered and I hope you feel happy, I think I am kind of funny”. -IOL