Beware of ‘Judases’!

  • Mashinini warns party members

ANC provincial chairman in the Free State Sam Mashinini has called on members of the party to be vigilant and wary of those wishing to destabilise it through sowing divisions among supporters and leaders.

In his report to a two-day ANC Lekgotla at the Free State Stadium on Tuesday, Mashinini spoke out against the ‘vigilant enemy’ driving wedges among fellow comrades.

Poetically quoting the late former president of the ANC, Oliver Reginald Tambo, Mashinini said, “Comrades the enemy is vigilant, beware of the wedge driver, men who smile from ear to ear, driving wedges among us, who go around creating splits and divisions, beware of the wedge driver.”

He said the provincial ANC Lekgotla comes 106 years after the infamous Native Land Act of 1913, a piece of legislation that effectively removed and denied Africans the right to own or acquire land.

Because of the land dispossession law by the whites only Union of South Africa, today Africans remain ‘pariahs’ in the land of their forebears.

The provincial chairperson recalled the writing by former ANC secretary general Solomon Plaatje wherein he wrote: “Awakening on Friday morning, June 20, 1913, the South African native found himself, not actually a slave, but a pariah in the land of his birth”.

Mashinini noted, “It is a matter of great concern that the majority of our people remain landless and poor. Because of land dispossession and years of oppression, our people remain pariahs in the land of their origin, as Sol Plaatje wrote more than a century ago.”

He told the senior party and government leaders that the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC during its conference declared 2019 ‘The Year of United Action to Grow South Africa’.

“As we gather for this provincial executive committee Lekgotla, we must never forget our unfortunate past. We must unite in action to build a united South Africa. We must unite in action to destroy the legacy of apartheid in all aspects of our society.”

On the international arena, Mashinini cited the on-going trade wars between the United States of America (USA) and the People’s Republic of China, as well as between the USA and Venezuela, and between USA and Russia, noting these are a manifestation of the ideological battle between the forces of imperialism and the leftist nations of the world.

“What may manifest as trade wars between certain companies is actually a battle between imperialism, led by the USA, and the rest of the developing and poor countries,” he charged.

The ANC, he added, must continue to stand in solidarity with the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, Cuba and South Africa) countries.

This the ANC must do amid attacks from those opposed to an alternative political and economic world order.

Mashinini urged the ANC and its alliance partners, Cosatu, SACP and Sanco to join progressive forces of the world and stand guard against economic and political bullies, which he said are led by the USA.

“We must unite in defence of the sovereignty of our country, and in defence of the working class and the poor,” he noted.

He reiterated the importance of attaining lasting peace, stability and sustainable development in the ANC and the country.

On Lesotho, Mashinini said any political, economic or social developments in the neighbouring affects South Africa and vice- versa.

He added the ANC in the province will work with its national leaders in talking to different political stakeholders Lesotho, with the aim of seeing lasting peace in the Mountain Kingdom.

By: Ramosidi Matekane