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Bad Lifestyles Major Cause Of Diseases

Most diseases that people struggle with could be avoided if they live healthy lifestyles and seek treatment on time when they fall ill, a Bloemfontein physician has said.

Private practitioner, Dr Paulo de Valdoleiros, who has made headlines in recent weeks over his practice where he allows patients to decide how much they want to pay for his services, says many people are overweight today because they don’t watch what they eat and that leads to a host health complications.

De Valdoleiros told The Weekly in an interview that maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly were important in ensuring a healthy life. Quite often people choose to do what they think is easy, yet it compromises their health.

“A balanced diet is the initial thing. Diet is essential,” said De Valdoleiros.

“It should be a balanced diet which contains fresh whole foods, not the processed or heavily fried stuff. There are lots of these fast foods out there, they are not healthy. The amount you eat is also essential. About 99 percent of people are overweight because they overeat, full-stop. There is no other issue there. Stop filling the tank and you won’t get diabetic, for example,” he added.

The doctor said lifestyle plays a major in people’s lives, particularly the environment they live in. Things like smoking, drinking and the other habits that don’t help should be avoided to ensure better health

“Conditions like Diabetes Type 2 are entirely lifestyle related. It’s about having a clean life, basically. Diet is crucial, exercise is crucial, emotional health is very, very important. By emotional health, I mean stability in emotions. The avoidance of conflict is very important. That doesn’t mean you don’t deal with conflict. It just means you have got to live at peace,” noted De Valdoleiros.

He said simple things like holding grudges and not allowing yourself to move forward after some experience with someone could add a toll to one’s health which might lead to complications if one doesn’t get help early and it was therefore important not to hold on to any hard feelings.

“Jesus’ instruction is very simple: ‘Love your brother as you love yourself.’ Each one of us knows that individually, we are not the best persons on the planet. We have all done terrible things at some point. If we can forgive ourselves about it, why can’t we forgive the next person when they do a something similar?” he pointed out.  

De Valdoleiros said it’s also important to have a good support structure, particularly family. He urged people not share medications prescribed by a medical practitioner because their prescriptions are based on the diagnosis done on them.

He pointed out sharing medication could also be dangerous to the other person as they may take drugs which they could react badly to.   

“Don’t share medications with other people. You know, at times people just share tablets like Smarties. At times people just get tablets from their neighbours without knowing their use. At times people just come to me and say, you know my neighbour gave me a small green tablet and I felt much better. Sharing medication can be very dangerous,” warned the doctor.

He said one important thing about lifestyle is knowledge, because one needs to know and understand who they are. According to De Valdoleiros, this helps understand how to look after yourself and what to avoid in order to lead a healthy life.  

“Lifestyle requires discipline. You are a human being, you are responsible for yourself,” he said emphatically.

By: Martin Makoni