ANC Political School Launched In FS

  • Collect and preserve party history, says Masondo
  • Qabathe to head sub-committee on political education

The political history of the Free State remains scattered and housed in various institutions which do not enjoy any formal relationship with the ANC, and this makes it difficult for the ruling party to preserving its rich political activism.

Speaking at the launch of the ANC Oliver Reginald (O.R.) Tambo Political School of Leadership over the weekend at the Monate Nate Lodge in the Free State, the principal, Dr David Masondo, said such a situation was not desirable.

The ANC was birthed in the Free State.

Masondo told over 70 trainers gathered for launch of the school that the greatest threat posed by not properly coordinating the political heritage of the ANC is that it will be lost or distorted.

He said efforts to promote the progressive agenda of the ANC could be throttled by those opposed to transformation of the lives of the formerly disenfranchised masses across the country.

“It is on the basis of this reality that we must establish a provincial archive and/or library for storage and preservation of our collective political history for the current and future generations,” Masondo indicated.

He noted the material which will be stored in the archive would only be used for reference and research and cannot be borrowed out to ensure it does not get lost.

The principal said the task of the school’s sub-committee is to identify activists and people who took part in the various political and historic moments in the Free State, with a view to visit them and record their versions orally. The committee is headed by ANC provincial executive committee (PEC) member Mamiki Qabathe

Masondo said the committee would work with identified credible institutions in the country to document this narrated history for a deeper understanding of the various roles played by different stakeholders in the Free State.

Quarterly, there will also be regional political education training for the ANC, the party’s youth and women’s leagues, as well as its regional executive committees.

“Political education and training remains a key and strategic component for any revolutionary movement, without which it will face grave political and organisational challenges to its detriment,” added Masondo.

“In order to avoid negative political repercussions, there will be quarterly regional political education training targeting the regional leadership of the ANC, its leagues as well as alliance partners.”

The ANC is of the view that this will safeguard it against possible political oxidation in its structures while promoting political steadfastness in adherence to the core values of the party.

The movement has noted that political education subcommittees and trainers in the province remain a strategic platform through which political education and training work of the ANC must find expression.

The party urged the trainers to always improve and sharpen their collective understanding of its politics. To ensure this happens, there will be bi-annual workshops intended to harmonise the provincial approach towards political education.

The workshops will also serve as a platform for sharing best practices and assessment of collective progress for the Free State.

The co-ordinator of the OR Tambo Political School of Leadership in the Free State, Sello Pietersen, told The Weekly in a post launch briefing that there would also be mass-based town political education trainings, inductions, and workshops.

He said the 54th National conference of the ANC in Nasrec, Johannesburg acknowledged the need to engage in a massification programme of political education across all the branches.

“Additionally, it also directed that audit processes will include evaluation of the actual work undertaken by the branches, particularly in relation to the developed and adopted programmes of action by the various branches,” he noted.

The programme will focus on two main aspects; members and branch induction.

Pietersen added ‘The know your branch programme’, is also on the cards and is intended at ensuring that each branch of the ANC in the Free State compiles its brief history, with particular focus “on the history behind the name of the branch as well as the political activism emanating from it”.

By: Ramosidi Matekane