Actor Kani Shoots Down Reality Show

Actor Atandwa Kani has spoken out against popular Mzansi Wethu break-up reality show, Seng’khathele.

The show which is hosted by Lerato Mvelase aims to give participants a platform to say, ‘It’s over’ to their significant others when they no longer wanted to be in relationships.

After watching an episode, Atandwa slammed the show for “using the distraught lives of people for entertainment,” and went on to say that the show did not offer the participants any help.

“To be honest, the show “Seng’Khathele” is problematic, using the distraught lives of people for entertainment. Where are the psychologists, social workers, helplines or therapists? They couldn’t even give that lady a tissue to wipe her tears! They watched her use her shirt ,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

The actor also called the show “immoral” for televising people’s struggles and then not offering any help afterwards.

His wife, actress Fikile Kani, also expressed similar views about the show and asked whether the participants received counselling.

While many agreed with the Kanis, Lerato assured them that counselling was provided and said that the Kanis were too quick to make assumptions.

“As I already stated two days ago, the show provides counselling, rehab, shelter, protection and also tries to help guests find work. Please stop making assumptions until you get answers,” she responded to Fikile’s tweet.

She also told Atandwa that a lot happened off-screen.

The show’s executive producer, Tebogo Keebine of Tribal Media House, also responded to a fan who expressed her concerns on Atandwa’s thread by saying that counselling was provided and that the show would take note of her suggestion. –Drum