Acting Maluti mayor rolls up his sleeves

The acting executive mayor of Maluti-a-Phofung, Vusi Tshabalala, has hit the ground running in his quest to bolster service delivery in the troubled municipality.

Only two days into his new post, members of Tshabalala’s mayoral committee were visible in the Maqhekung area where they engaged the community and assessed the progress of service delivery.

Among the things that were identified and attended to were sewerage leakages in the area, which have been a major cause for concern for local residents for some time. One of the residents, Mapaseka Moloi, told The Weekly about the magnitude of the misery they have had to endure.

“It is very hard living here; we are lucky that we have not contracted any disease from this seeping sewage. The stench from this area is killing us. However, we are happy that the acting mayor has come to assess our difficult living conditions. We also have regular electricity power cuts and fear that our electrical appliances such as stoves and fringes will be damaged.”

In response, Tshabalala arranged for officials from Maluti-a-Phofung Water to ensure that the sewerages leaks are addressed promptly.

“It is not fair for the people living in this area to be exposed to such health hazards. These sewages must be attended to before they cause any harm to the health of the people living here. I think as authorities we must come and spend our lunch here and see if we would be able to eat or even spend a few hours in such a stinky environment.”

During this service delivery monitoring exercise, Tshabalala stumbled upon some residents tampering with the electricity cables. This is one of the major causes of power cuts. Tshabalala described illegal electricity connections as a challenge that needs urgent attention.

“We need to start door-to-door visits to look out for illegal electricity connections and prosecute those involved in these criminal acts. The community must also cooperate by reporting such practices in their neighbourhoods.”