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Meeko Defends Mashinini Over US Colonial Remarks

ANC provincial chairperson Sam Mashinini’s recent remarks that the United State of America is a leader of capitalism which continues to deny blacks meaningful participation in the economic affairs of the country were all in order, a Member of the Provincial Legislature (MPL) has said.

Thabo Meeko, who is also the ANC provincial spokesperson, told the Free State Legislature on Tuesday that Mashinini’s comments during a two-day ANC Lekgotla were informed by the USA’s character.

Speaking during a debate on the budget vote speech by Destea MEC Makalo Mohale, Meeko said Mashinini was on point in describing ongoing trade wars between the US and other countries including China, Venezuela, and Russia, as a manifestation of the ideological battle between the forces of imperialism and the leftist nations of the world.

Meeko also accused the US of actively supporting apartheid in the past and continuing to champion white monopoly capital.

Even today, the US continues to get what it wants, even if it means going in to other countries, he added.

Meeko further lambasted DA MPL Roy Jankielsohn, accusing him of misrepresentation for claiming that those who support the ANC have been brainwashed into believing their ill-fortunes are being engineered through some outside conspiracy led by the Western countries.

He stressed those who support the ruling party do so in the hope and trust that it is well capacitated ‘’to deliver them from the yoke of colonial subjugation still hanging on their necks’’.

Meeko also accused opposition parties of taking for granted the peace-pipe that was offered to them by the ANC through the Truth and Reconciliation processes, asserting that in extending an olive tree branch to its former enemies the ANC was of the view that they would assumedly come on board efforts at rebuilding the country which they had mismanaged.

“We forgave these people, and the assumption back then was that they would become loyal citizens with a shared vision to build the country, but we were wrong. Years later we see that they are not interested in helping turn the lives of the majority of our people around,” he charged.

He argued that the ANC led government cannot be taken to task for the deliberate bias to blacks and Africans in particular in the allocation of resources, saying this is motivated by the country’s horrific past of neglect against this sector of society.

“The ANC government will deliberately focus on black empowerment and unapologetically so. Our country is the most unequal in the world today and unemployment is high; this state of affairs cannot be left unchallenged.”

Meeko pointed out the current policy interventions seeking to deal with the challenges faced by the people were a continuation of the efforts which began in 1994.

He said efforts at defocusing the ANC from effecting radical economic transformation through cheap politicking would be defeated.

“Our focus is clear, we are looking at economic transformation and job creation for especially our young people. We are resolute that the structure of our provincial economy has to change, noting that since inequality has taken racial connotations the remedial actions cannot avoid doing the same, because apartheid is continuing through these inequalities,” the MPL said.

By: Ramosidi Matekane