Mayor Mlamleli Stays Put

  • ANC Mangaung says there is no letter written to PEC demanding mayor’s ouster

Olly Mlamleli remains the executive mayor of the Mangaung Metro, contrary to misleading reports on social media claiming the ANC in Mangaung have demanded her removal with immediate effect.

The reports claimed the ANC in Mangaung had written a letter to the party’s Provincial Executive Committee (PEC), calling Mlamleli’s ouster.

ANC regional spokesman Ncamile Nxangisa dismissed the social media reports as ‘hogwash’ when approached for comment during the week, distancing the ruling party from knowledge of any such letter.

Nxangisa instead confirmed Mlamleli’s position as mayor is not under any threat, further slating the source of the wild talk as a ‘wishful thinker’.

He attributed the emergence of the ‘news’ to ‘agent provocateurs’ out to defocus the ANC from its mission of scoring a decisive victory in the upcoming May 8 national and provincial poll.

Nxangisa said the rumours might have emanated from recent engagements of the regional leaders of the ANC with Mlamleli and her entourage over concerns picked up by party volunteers as they went about campaigning during door-to-door programmes in the townships.

He noted some of the challenges coming from the ground and which party leaders wished to iron out with its mayoral deployee had to do with leaking sewer pipes, inconsistencies in collecting waste, as well as the general state of cleanliness of the city and surrounding townships.

“As the regional leadership of the ANC in the province it is among our duties to have running engagements with all our deployees and officials of government from time to time to engage on issues that might be there, especially in instances where these clash with the undertakings of the movement,”

Added Nxangisa: “It is in this spirit that we met with comrade mayor Olly Mlamleli and members of her mayoral committee and officials. It was purely to gain an understanding of why certain things were happening the way they do, moreso in relation to issues we picked up during door to door campaigning. We needed to gain wisdom as to how the municipality aims to address these challenges.”

The regional spokesman cautioned members of the ANC and the public against falling into the trappings of disinformation campaigns and believing in fake news not endorsed by the organisation.

Instead, he advised that controversial news regarding the ANC must be always verified with the party to cast off any doubts.

The soft-spoken Nxangisa said even if the ANC harboured wishes of replacing any mayor, not necessarily Mlamleli, it won’t be as naïve as to carry out this drastic decision during election time. This would inevitably defocus them from the important mission of renewing party mandate nationally and in the Free State come the May 8 elections.

By: Ramosidi Matekane