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FS Major Dams Over 85 Percent Full

The recent rains that fell across the province have left most dams with significant water level increases, the provincial office of the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) said.

In a statement, the DWS said Free State dam levels increases to 86.7 percent this week from 78.9 percent recorded last week.

“The Department of Water and Sanitation in the province is pleased by the increase especially now that we are moving towards the dry season,” said the statement which quoted regional head Tseliso Ntili.

Gariep Dam increased to 100.67 percent this week from last week’s 94.1 percent. Also on the increase is Vanderkloof Dam, moving from 68.1 percent last week to 71.13 percent. Krugersdrift Dam increased massively, from 83.87 percent last week to 101.3 percent capacity. Bloemhoff Dam reached full capacity recording 102.34 percent, a major increase from 58.37 percent last week.

However, the department urged water users to not to get ahead of themselves and starting using water recklessly.

It said consumers are advised to use water in a responsible manner and adhere to water restrictions.

The DWS also urged community members to be extra vigilant around riverbanks as they may be dangerous, leading to drowning fatalities.

“Riverbanks can be slippery and crumble, especially after rains. Don’t walk too close to the river’s edge, especially on the outside banks of bend. These are often where the fastest waters are and could be prone to collapse,” warned Ntili.

By: Staff Reporter