ANC Vindicated Over ‘Dissidents’

  • Deployees serve at the behest of the movement…
  • List processes were free, fair and democratic…

Coverted plans by those who are last and not included in the list to occupy positions as MEC’s and parliamentarians through the back-door were thwarted by the outcome of the court when it ruled that the matter relating to the list of the ANC in the Freee State was not urgent.

But the ANC has stressed that deployees serving the movement at provincial and national legislatures do so at its behest, and campaigning for the organisation does not have to be interpreted as an application for employment.

This was the stark remark by the ANC provincial spokesman Thabo Meeko when queried on the outcomes of the court battle with disgruntled members of the organisation who wanted the provincial elective conference, its resolutions and outcomes nullified.

The group which consists; amongst others; of former Maluti-a-Phofung regional secretary of the ANC Abiel Mokotso and former mayor of Gariep, Mongi Ntwanambi, was left high and dry on Wednesday when the court ruled that their action, which also sought to nullify the provincial list of candidates for the provincial and national legislatures, was not urgent and could be heard at a later stage.

“As the ANC in the Free State we feel the courts vindicated us by agreeing with us that this matter is not urgent. In order to ensure our candidates are above reproach, we published their names prior to submitting them for public comments and there was not a single objection from the province,” said Meeko.

He said the ‘dissidents’ had ample time to raise their dissatisfaction with the list committee over the process but they instead chose to wait for two months, after the final list was submitted to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), to lodge their court challenge.

“The ANC opposed the action by the dissatisfied members primarily because the list conference was held in December, ratified in January and published in March, and then they come and cry foul over its legitimacy, claiming the matter to be urgent.”

Meeko added that the processes of the ANC in the province leading up to both the provincial elective conference and the list conference were free, fair and democratic.

“People have to understand that you cannot force the ANC to employ you at all costs; this is the trend we are seeing whereby people campaign for the movement and expect to be employed. However in the movement we serve solely at the behest of the ANC, it has never been about employment,” the provincial spokesperson said.

He slated the action of those who took the ANC court as bordering on the lines of ill-discipline following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s calls to dissidents to ‘take the ANC out of court and let the movement resolve its own issues.’

Meeko noted the grievances by the applicants were attended to by the PEC but because they were not happy with the outcomes they chose to take it to court.

The applicants wanted the court to compel the ANC leadership, who are first respondents, and the Free State ANC provincial executive committee, who are second respondents, to reconvene branch general meetings (BGMs) before April 30 to nominate new candidates to go to the provincial legislature and parliament.

They also wanted the IEC to be directed to accept the new list of candidates who will be elected in the list conference that would be reconvened.

They claimed their names were dropped after being nominated by more than 10 ANC branches in the province.

But all this was dismissed as sheer talk by Meeko, who said all the processes of the list conference were rigorous and made to ensure that men and women of good standing who have been loyal to the mandate of the ANC to change the lives of the people for the better get the nod to represent the party in provincial and national legislatures.

“All the candidates were taken through a rigorous process to determine their standing to represent the party. I can safely say they were made to go through the needle of the eye, that’s how tough the process was,” explained Meeko.

According to reliable sources, some people are being used by those with financial muscle to subvert legitimate outcomes of ANC processes for self-interest. By taking the movement to court they directly defy the ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa’s call to bury divisions and focus on building unity and renewal of the party.

“This is clear defiance and ill-discipline that undermines a call by the leadeship of the ANC for members to refrain from using courts to address organisational matters. All comrades are expected to be on the ground mobilising for a decisive victory in the upcoming elections instead of being obsessed with positions,” said Meeko.

By: Ramosidi Matekane