ANC Guns For Overwhelming Victory

  • Survey predicts 61% victory for ruling party
  • FS says campaigning reception encouraging

The ANC in the Free State says although it has taken note of a recent poll predicting the party will win elections by a 61% margin in the May 8 elections, its focus remains to vigorously pursue its mandate to improve the lives of the people.

Iposos Markinor predicts the ANC will get 61% of the vote, the DA 18% and the EFF 10% respectively in the crunch national and provincial elections.

However Free State ANC spokesman Thabo Meeko said there are a lot of institutions conducting such surveys and that the ruling party does not reject or ignore any of their findings.

“However our elections strategy is informed by our target of attaining an overwhelming victory in these elections. It is informed by our desire to continue serving our people in order to improve their lives,” he noted.

Meeko said while the ANC is pre-occupied with bettering its performance, the predicted election victory margin by Ipso had been largely welcomed by residents in areas where the movement has been conducting election campaigns including door to door canvassing in the past several months.

“We work on the basis of delivering victory for the ANC, we do not ignore or reject any of these surveys, but our strategy remains ensuring that our people renew our mandate to govern them and to continue with the programme of radical economic transformation,” he pointed out.

Meeko said the ANC is encouraged by the level of rousing welcome its national and provincial leaders have been receiving from the electorates during campaigning.

“Our people still trust the ANC to change their lives for the better; there are door to door campaigns each day and mass meetings where challenges are unlocked and solutions provided,” he added.

In its survey, Iposos said if elections were held in the period the poll was taken, the EFF would be the official opposition in three provinces.

The organisation notes says Julius Malema’s red berets would be the official opposition in Gauteng, where the majority of its members are, and could also grab a significant stake in Limpopo, Malema’s home province as well as the North West province.

Leading pollster Mari Harris of Ipsos Markinor assumed a medium-sized turnout of voters on May 8 – attributing this to the so called ‘alienated voters’ mainly comprising young people.

“More than 10 million South Africans are eligible to vote, but are not registered to do so. This feeling of alienation is growing. People do not trust in politics or politicians. They say politicians say a lot of things but do not deliver,” he said in the report.

According to the Independent Electoral Commission, (IEC) 26.7 million South Africans are registered to vote while a third of the population, mostly people under the age of 15 not eligible to vote, are not registered.

The poll interviewed 3,600 respondents across the country in a face to face poll where identity books were also sought.

The poll puts the number of registered voters who won’t turn out for the elections at nine million, citing uncertainty on whom to vote for, among other reasons.

The good showing predicted for the ANC in the election, according to the poll, is boosted by the favourability ranking of 6.71 out of 10 of its President, Cyril Ramaphosa, with DA leader Mmusi Maimane tailing behind him at 3.72/10 and EFF leader Julius Malema at a mere 3.46/10.

The DA however says the Ipsos survey does not accurately reflect its own view of where it will end up.

By: Ramosidi Matekane