Ace – The Last Man Standing

Ace Magashule: The man I have known for the best part of my life.

He is more of a father to me and he won my heart from the first moment I laid my eyes on him at an early age. He has seen it all and has been through it all good and bad trying times.

He knew very well that life is not fair and he didn’t want to waste time trying to make it fair. He survived many storms and tsunamis directed at him. He stood the test of time.

He was to be the first premier elect post 1994 dawn of democracy under the leadership of Nelson Mandela but he requested that Cde Terror Lekota be considered as he was still young and willing to learn.

Fast forward to 2004: I remember very vividly when then President Mbeki’s announcement on Premiers didn’t sit well with some of us. We almost went to streets to demand that Cde Magashule be announced as premier. On the other side some were in jovial mood belittling our Ace saying all hogwash about him. He calmly and orderly called us to order and taught us that ANC functions like that!

We were shocked but we understood and continued working for the ANC. When his time arrived and he was announced as a premier candidate things changed. I do not wish to say much; ask every Free Stater and every South African about his marvellous work, which is evident to date.

Ace’s leadership wasn’t perfect; it had its own challenges of allegations of corruption and wasteful spending here and there. It’s safe to say investigations took place and some are still continuing until such time a finding and a court of law finds him guilty of any wrongdoing then justice shall be served.

Every administration came with its own casualties and his own also had its casualties. He is not a saint of course but he championed his tasks as FS premier. Bakhala ngayo emazweni i Free State.

A journalist named Myburgh deems it fit to label the ANC SG a gangster at his own peril. I say this because he has to answer for this trash that he calls a web of capture.

In the wake of this rigmarole some of Ace’s detractors and haters were quick to impose public courts already jumping all over social networks condemning him and tarnishing his image. I’m talking about cdes that were with him in administration and party, cdes that were part of decisions to better the Free State.

Today they are at forefront throwing stones at this man (Ace). I call him a man because of his bravery, assertiveness, decisiveness, boldness, kindness and brutal in action. He is the man that equals his words into action. Go read the book and tell me what lessons can be drawn from it?

The book lacks content and is in total disarray. Atually it is a slur to the media fraternity. Myburgh just threw a bone just to defocus us to make us doubt ourselves thinking somebody has got meat from this bone so we must chase him, catch him and take the meat in an effort to weaken the election machinery.

Sekgobelo Elias Magashule is forever ready and he said it he is awaiting his day in court of law. He understands it fully that he is not above the law. Nothing has been tested against him by those who are in position to do so. The Public Protector probed Operation Hlasela and her findings are for the public to see evidence of what happened. Many gatherings were held and guess what? Their agenda was this man called Ace. Let me single out one gathering that I felt was offending; one lady stood up and told men that were in attendance that their manhood was in a boot of a car owned by Ace.

Let me take it further by asking who was she referring to or who are those men? These are the useless men who are barking at a moving vehicle driven by Ace Magashule with us as passengers waiving at them goodbye singing our freedom song Inde lendlela esihambayo.

They tried everything they can to vilify, nullify, criticise and tarnish the sitting SG of the ANC to date just to show how useless they are. Now they want to hide behind Myburgh as faceless supporters and sympathisers.

My support for the SG of the ANC is unwavering, unshakable and steadfast at all given material times. He graduated from being ordinary to an extra ordinary man, who does things in a simple way, who understands political hard work and worked smart as a deployee of the ruling party.

Just a simple caution to his detractors, haters, sellouts and their klein bass; beware it is self-defeating to fight with someone who God declares his battles His. Many tried to talk like him, many impersonate him but they all forget one thing -he is the only Aaaace standing. Let me spell it out for you. Magashule didn’t achieve all what he achieved in a day. It took him many years of hard work. He fought many battles, lost some and won most. He chooses his battles wisely. He is not careless, he calculates every move he makes like a chess player and I bet he is not a player. His cards are always by his chest. He goes down to the bundus, eats with them and leaves them with a renewed hope.

Ace is the master of his own work. His missiles never lack direction. He is a go-getter; he dreams and understands that what can be perceived by a human mind can be achieved by human collective work. He never disown decisions of the collective. He leads in all fronts. He isn’t easily intimidated. He is not governed by fear; he defines it. He stands tall and still he is standing.

By: Phindile Motha